So, it looks like the company I work for has realized (partially, at least) that their employees don’t like it when they get screwed. So they recently held a meeting and introduced a couple of new benefits: they’re implementing a new wage structure where all non-supervisory employees “receive the greater of a 5% increase pro-rated from the date of their last increase”, and they’re adding a percentage of our yearly bonus into a 401(k).

The first one is neat because hey–a raise.

The second, however, is the one that irks me. I don’t have a 401(k) with the company. Does this mean that they’re opening a 401(k) without my consent, in my name, with my SSN intact? And correct me if I’m wrong, as I don’t know much about this country’s god-awfully-confusing-as-hell tax code, but I believe that because they’re putting the money directly into a 401(k) instead of a live check, they don’t have to pay FICA taxes on it, saving them shitloads of money.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t *hate* the idea of having a 401(k), I just would have preferred if they gave us the option. They try and sugar it up by saying that the contribution is 100% vested into our accounts (I would fucking hope so), and that we aren’t subject to payroll taxes. Well, like I said before, because they’re putting it into a 401(k), they don’t have to pay taxes on it either, but if I want to withdraw the balance, I will then be charged taxes and penalties.

But I suppose it’s not all bad, because when I leave the company, I can just take it with me.